This website has been created to catalog stickers that the BRC Citizens have created to share.

Sticker contributions to this catalog will not be sold and credit will be given to the creators of the art work. If you would like to share your sticker or one you where gifted please click on the Submit A Sticker link so that it can be added.

There is a comments section for each sticker. Please share your stories about the stickers or who created it.

Thank you all for making this the most incredible event in the world.


The Man Burns In


Contributor: Lofax #lofaxburn

2014 | All | Square | Theme Camps

Da Vinci inspired – 2016

Da Vinci inspired. Contributor: Lofax  #lofaxburn

2016 | All | Rectangular | Theme Camps

HOT-COCO-Burning-Man-sticker – 2012

Sticker design by VimanabDesigns

2012 | All | Square | Theme Camps

American Dream – 2008

2008 American Dream by Read more…

2008 | All | Circular

American Dream – 2008

Who knows anything about this Read more…

2008 | All | Circular